Thierry Noritop (Terry Noritop), born in Paris on the 5th April 1955, is a French musician

(guitar, keyboards, programming & arranger), songwriter & music producer.



Thierry Noritop (Terry Noritop), né à Paris le 5 avril 1955, est un musicien français

(guitare, claviers, programmeur & arrangeur), compositeur & producteur.







                                               Pas de Bla-Bla ici...

                                               Voici mes références :


                                                                                                No cheap talk...

                                                                                                Here's what I've done :





France 2 - Yves Saint Laurent - France Liberté - Eau de Givenchy - Kouros / Mercedes


Banque Populaire - Handicap International - Paco Rabanne - Origins - Techno Night


Chamonix Mont-Blanc - RMC Moyen Orient - Wagram Records - Minimal Wave Records




Liste non exhaustive...



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  STEREO - Somewhere In The Night CD --- MW015

 STEREO - Somewhere In The Night LP --- MW015

(hand-numbered and limited edition)

To purchase both items, go to Minimal Wave Records !!!

Veronica Vasicka's interview on East Village Radio --- New York City 2010


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