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Hello from Paris,

My solo project "STEREO in SOLO" is planned for release on 23 February 2018.

The album's name is "Somewhere out there" : it will be available in a limited edition 6 panel

CD Digipak (only 1000 copies made) with an exclusive track not available elsewhere. 

The Digital format will be available with bonus tracks not available on CD.

 --- CD ---

1) Somewhere out there. 2) Flowers on the moon. 3) Electric city of light.

4) Skytrain. 5) Secret secret. 6) Somewhere out there "Full version".

Bonus tracks : 7) Flowers on the moon "Instrumental". 8) Skytrain "Demo guitar version".

9) Friday bloody Friday.

--- DIGITAL ---

1) Flowers on the moon. 2) Electric city of light. 3) Skytrain.

4) Secret secret. 5) Somewhere out there "Full version".

Bonus tracks : 6) TV News "Demo 2016 version". 7) Skytrain "Demo guitar version".

8) Friday bloody Friday. 9) Zapper la télé "Unreleased 1990 single".

10) Skytrain "Instrumental". 11) Secret secret "Instrumental".

More to follow...

Thierry Noritop

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Thierry Noritop (Terry Noritop), born in Paris on the 5th April 1955, is a French musician

(guitar, keyboards, programming & arranger), songwriter & music producer.


Thierry Noritop (Terry Noritop), né à Paris le 5 avril 1955, est un musicien français

(guitare, claviers, programmeur & arrangeur), compositeur & producteur.






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Banque Populaire - Handicap International - Paco Rabanne - Origins - Techno Night


Chamonix Mont-Blanc - RMC Moyen Orient - Wagram Records - Minimal Wave Records


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  STEREO - Somewhere In The Night CD --- MW015

 STEREO - Somewhere In The Night LP --- MW015

(hand-numbered and limited edition)

To purchase both items, go to Minimal Wave Records !!!

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